About Our Products

We provide products for the home, office, advertising and automotive industries, among others.

Our products are elaborated with the highest quality raw materials and forefront technology, are supervised by qualified experts. We are certified under the Quality Norm ISO 9001:2008. We produce materials with diverse specifications and a wide variety of colors, engravings, designs, and widths, to meet our customers needs.

Why Choose Our Products?
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    For more than half a century OPLEX has sought to keep its place as one of the leader companies in its field.

    That’s why our most important efforts have been concentrated towards innovation, development and constant renovation.

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    We have more than 20 brands in the market, all of them with excellent quality products.

    And that we continue to im-prove ourselves in search of our client’s satisfaction.

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    We export to more than 22 countries across the world.

    We have the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certification and we make a constant effort to be recognized as a Socially Responsible Company.

Our Products

We produce materials with diverse specifications and a wide variety of colors, and widths for different applications. We use UV resistant, anti mildew, anti-flame aditives, among others. More

Auto Oplex

AUTO OPLEX is one of the leader in the manufacture of fabrics for automobiles since 1960. We have a variety of textures and colors automakers. In Oplex quality is always first so AUTO OPLEX is a product with excellent properties, it has a great durability, usability and unique in the market.


CUEROPLEX B30 is a line of synthetic leather, produced 100% in North America. We are manufacturers of multipurpose equipment B30, ideal for making jackets, purses, bags, furniture, pants, etc. It resists abrasion, adhesives and sewing among other properties that makes a soft, durable and only material on the market.


Coming soon.


Charoplex® products have been very successful and this has made us the target of piracy, both in patterns and colors; that is why we decided to implement our seal of authenticity, which can look in the back of the Charoplex®, this will secure that is 100% of Oplex and therefore fulfills the greatest standards. No doubt you find one especially for you or your customers.


Vinyl non-skid carpet. Of high durability, resistant to abrasion and humidity. Its engraved surface provides excellent non-slippery capabilities. 100% PVC film with Nonwoven backing. Uses. It used for zones of high pedestrian flow, such as public transport, offices, schools, gyms, museums, theatres and commercial centers, among others. More


TOLDOPLEX is a specially developed product used Oplex for automotive interior awnings . It features a variety of textures and original colors of the automotive industry and high quality ensures high durability and resistance.


OPLEX is the authorized distributor TEXSILK® brand in Mexico. TEXSILK® is manufactured by the Spanish company ETISILK, S.A. leader in the manufacture and sale of fabrics for outdoor use. TEXSILK® is ideal for garden furniture including cushions and parasols, as well as for awnings for the restaurant, hotel and advertising industry. TEXSILK is a unique product in the North American market with excellent quality and an excellent price.